About Us


Our story begins after countless trips to the shore with cloudless blue skies and picture perfect sunsets. Despite all the perfection we always encountered common themes; both trash washing up on shore and trash left behind by beach goers. This got us thinking about the fish and how the garbage had to be negatively affecting them.

We were not understanding how people could take the sea for granted and leave it a mess. It was in that moment on the beach that Signature Seas was born. We believe that we can help the ocean though education and awareness. If people go out and respect the sea in their everyday routines, the ocean and world would be a better place. We aspire to bring awareness to ocean conservation, and want to support all aspects from beach clean ups, to animal conservation & protection, and even animal research.

Respect The Sea

“Respect The Sea” This phrase is more than just a statement; it's a way of life and a philosophy that encourages the appreciation of our greatest resource, the ocean.

Giving Back

Our concept is simple: take the marine life that we love, place them onto apparel, and then give back to those animals in any way possible. Every product funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean, and we donate 10% of profits to organizations that are leading the fight to cleanup our oceans and protect marine life. By purchasing our apparel, you are helping to make a positive impact, and giving our marine life the respect they deserve. Building a sustainable future for our oceans may be a big goal, but the more people we can inspire, the more of a difference we can make as a team. We challenge you to join in on our mission and embrace the Signature Seas lifestyle!